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# Terms of Service for the GitLab service of the MaterialDigital platform
## General
The service "Gitlab" is operated by the Platform MaterialDigital (PMD) at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT):
The use of the service is exclusively permitted for activities related To the PMD.
Provisions of copyright law are to be strictly adhered to.
## Validity
These Terms of Use apply to the service "Gitlab", which is operated by the Platform MaterialDigital at the KIT.
## Right of use
The service can only be used by registered persons. Registration requires a PMD-SSO account ( and acceptance of these Terms of Use.
## Communication
Communication with the user takes place via the e-mail address transmitted during registration. The service usually requires monthly maintenance, which is carried out without prior notice.
## Availability
The service usually requires maintenance work at least once a month. These are not announced in advance and usually do not last longer than 15 minutes. Longer scheduled maintenance will be announced via GitLabs announcement system. Outside the maintenance window, the service is offered continuously.
The stored data of the server will only be backed up completely with the goal of disaster recovery. A restore of individual projects and older versions is not planned.
## Data protection
In order for you to use the Gitlab service, we need to process personal data from you. We have described which data we process for which purpose in the privacy policy.
In Git commits, personal data (e.g. author, email address) is stored unchangeably. You have the option to use pseudonyms for these details. You can set author and e-mail address details in your Git client. Contact persons for the processing of personal data in Git repositories and Gitlab projects are the owners and administrators of the respective projects.
## Problems and response times
In case of questions, problems or malfunctions, please always contact the PMD Executive office. Please describe the problem as precisely as possible, in particular please provide repository and path names, IP addresses, operating system and software version. This will support a quick assignment to the responsible processor.
The processing time depends strongly on the complexity of the request.
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